Be The Medicine


Be The Medicine is a “how-to” be our true highest Self, heal body, mind, and spirit, and live it in everyday life. We are all brilliant and capable and have been taught against us in myriad ways all of our lives. Janet’s mission and purpose has been to create a clear path from foundational beginnings to very advanced consciousness levels.

In this time of spiritual awakening and living our purpose, our focus at Be The Medicine is your healing journey and awakening. Our professional pieces of training all fully engage you to participate in the process. Being a healer, teacher, or whatever your role in work and life, is about being it and not just doing it.

Grounded in truth and love, the interference clears, and we discover how simple life can be, even in its unique complexities. We explore challenges, and personal growth in relationships, health, family life, spiritual-life journey and purpose, career and business. All are raised to our highest level of ability, awareness, responsibility, joy, and accomplishment.

Classes are profound and simple, as the highest truth becomes blissfully clear. We have fun as we explore our gifts and release any ego, fear, expectations, and attachment to receive a clear vision for others and us first. Whichever class you are guided to take will surprise you as it answers exactly what you wanted to know.

Be The Medicine teachings are found in each, and every class taught. Learn, heal, become present, free, and so much more than you ever knew you could before. We learn to trust us and embrace our amazing self. There are also workshops and trainings for individual focus steps.

No matter who we are and what we are looking to learn, heal or solve in our life, the teachings and tools help us get to where we want to go and beyond. PS. We have fun on the journey.

Our workshops and Be The Medicine classes offer a neutral, practical spiritual foundation to live our lives with wisdom, knowledge, confidence, peace, love, and joy.

Janet has simplified profound ways to be in the present, quiet your mind, explore your true self, and understand to travel the greater journey.

Reiki awakens our energy and awareness, gives us profound healing abilities and practices, and a greater understanding of us, and, for some, a new career. Reiki practitioners often retake Reiki with me as I add so much to the training. This is also a great addition to Medical and holistic practitioners work for their in-person appointments and to learn distance healing and perception.

Soul Shamanism opens us to worlds inside and out that awaken our soul’s truth and love to help us navigate our life fully. Very immediate and advanced healing, awareness, and experiences open us up to profound spiritual solutions.

Medical Intuition takes us on a deeper healing journey of discovering that there are more ways to heal than we even knew before as we find causes and solutions.

Advanced Healer Courses address little known advanced ways to work with energy, clients, and you that gives you strong foundations to practice your healing work.

Retreats and Ceremonies offer us a profound experience and move us light years ahead in our spiritual healing journey and self-knowledge and understanding.